Mykonos, which is a Greek island of Cyclades group, is very popular among the tourists nowadays. The island is located in the middle of the Aegean Sea, very close to Tinos on the south, Syros on the east and to Paros and Naxos on the north. Sailing to Greece is what people require to do in their holidays. To be on an island makes you feel as if you are in a different world away from the burdens, the haste and from the worries. It is a very picturesque island which is also very cosmopolitan. It has a very exiting and enjoying nightlife.

There are dance clubs and fabulous beaches. So you can swim and enjoy your day during the day and at night you can go out and have fun with your loved ones. As the island attracts many tourists, it is normal for the island to be a little bit more expensive. The streets of the island are mostly closed to trafic but motorcycle or bicycle can still be used as a means of transportation. The island is especially crowded in July and in August.

The best time to go there is in the middle of May when you can swim, see around and spend a quiet time of your own. Yacht charter Turkey is a very good opportunity to see this island and the islands that are located nearby. With motor yacht charter Greece, you do not have to worry about the traffic or where to stay at night. We, on our yachts of different size and comfort, offer you all the things you need during your trip. You will have a lot of fun while going to the island and when you set foot on the island, you will have enough time to explore it. There are also many places to see on the island. If you are in need of an extraordinary holiday, contact us immediately.