The tiny island of Patmos is located in the Aegean Sea just south of Samos and north of Leros, and close to the Turkish coast.It is one of the most northerly of the Dodecanese group of Greek islands.

Patmos is small enough to allow the visitor to stand on top of the central hill,Chora, and see almost all of its many bays.It also has attractive scenery as well as several excellent beaches.The main ones are found on the eastern shore, both north and south from Skala, and most are set into deep bays with small islands offshore.

The main port at Skala, with the Chora hill above, neatly splits the island north and south. The combination of a deep water port at Skala and religious attractions in Chora make Patmos a favourite stop for cruise ships.Patmos is also an important historical site as St John was exiled here