Yacht Charter Bodrum

    Output port is Bodrum, ancient Halicarnassus. The journey time from Bodrum airport, it is depending on traffic between 30 and 45 minutes from Izmir airport around 2.5 hours. Bodrum is one of the oldest and most attractive coastal cities of Turkey. The Turks themselves describe it as like St. Tropez of Turkey, for it is in the summer meeting place for the local but also international high society.

    Bodrum is dominated by the Crusader castle of St. Peter, which after the conquest of Rhodes by the Ottomans, it was surrendered without a fight and is therefore remained almost completely preserved. The castle now contains a very interesting underwater museum, some findings are more than 3000 years old. Boredom is not guaranteed in Bodrum, from the noble Disco Halikarnas to simple Turkish tea house is there anything of restaurants, bars and cafes to suit all needs. In the old bazaar in the city center, there are more than 1200 shops to buy souvenirs, clothes, gold, carpets etc.. Action is a must here, any dealer would be offended, and you would pay the asking price without hesitation.

    Today, Bodrum is a center of tourism in Turkey. Most vacation homes are fitted with regard to the overall picture carefully into the environment.

    In Bodrum, there is always a hive of activity and many shops are the Bodrum yacht charter crew for a shopping spree.

    Bodrum is the main base of the yachts. Typical yacht charter in Bodrum is populate in the summer months with the Blue Travel ports and bays in the area. On one hand, beautiful to look at, on the other hand, some bays are already in the afternoon with many gulets or yachts occupied, so some yacht rental in Bodrum crews prefer to avoid in other bays.

    Located near the center of Bodrum, the hustle and bustle plays here all day. Bodrum is also popular among the Turkish high society, with its luxury yachts in charter Bodrum harbor. Accordingly they are there for bot Bodrum yacht hire, it has many regattas in the season here.

    For yacht charter turkey crews some close by supermarkets offer the opportunity to conveniently buy some food for the Bodrum yacht charter trip.